Parallel Motions

by Panther Ray

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released March 30, 2012

Joey Johnson - trombone, bass
Evan Kramer - drums, vocals, guitar, piano, percussion
Daniel Ries - guitar, vocals, bass, drums, organ
Andy Rockwood - bass, guitar, backing vocals

Recorded between March 2010 and November 2011 in and around Saint Paul, MN.
Mixed and engineered by Daniel Ries.

Artwork by Brian David Downs. Layout by Panther Ray.
Biography and record blurb written by Chris Tures.



all rights reserved


Panther Ray St Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: Their Smiles Return
Its been a long time
their smiles returned
The winter had bitten
and spring gave its kiss
Forgot all the bad
It will never be missed
It didn't really matter
We've always known this.
We've always known.
Track Name: Water Towers
Piece back through time
Upon that you will find me
Repulsed by the sound
Echoes too strongly
Count off the bulbs
And you drink from their stockings
Trapped by the side
End it the same way
Mixed up the day, don't call her
I'm important too, I've done the math

The numbers don't curl up
Next to you

Put out your fires
and give up on counting
Track Name: Soar
I want to understand
Exactly who I am
And when I know for sure
It'll take a little more

I want to know the root
The stem which holds the truth
Escape my body's hold
My mind begins to soar
Oh, my mind begins to soar
Track Name: Memory Bank
One day I read a letter
I'd written but thought better
Then send it off
Leaving it less than hard to find
It sat there at the bottom
A stack of books 'til autumn
Unearthed again, been reading
It more and more since then

When you were young
We taught you everything
Like how to read the skies
And how to fake your own demise
It won't be so bad, honestly
You were lost, interpret dreams
That don't ever render
What you mean

No sense in writing formal
Just try it like you're normal
Don't wait around
Your memory bank is safe and sound
P.S. I know the ending
So let's just stop pretending
You may recall
A regular add to bass the fall
Track Name: Color Tilt
Track Name: Burning Palms
I turned the dial left of its course
The sound seemed to come from the north
With a blur of flashing light
The signals seemed to come out from the sky

Do the signals come at night
Do the signals come inside

With a hand filled with hot coal
It kept me up, all night long
The words seemed to come from the calm
Looking out with burning palms
Track Name: The Bottom Down
When I think of the days
and the things that have past
I can't help but feel
kind of sad
Here I'm standing now
and they're slipping away
All those golden years
That seemed like child's play

Well, you know what you have to do
Create the things you want to see
The world keeps changing
From the bottom down

And that time short
With its map pristine
There was a clever place
But not a shade between
And there was a sense
That I hadn't found
There was a space within
That I could not ground
Track Name: Stalemate
All we ever talked about was the rain
Until it became, a single refrain
A chorus together we sang to
wash away, the day
More and more it keeps me up
through the night, stale summer light
Its painfully bright, burning behind your
eyes and turning right toward mine

You cave into them now
You don't expect them by
My oh my, take me back to when
It all came easier, I'm yours

I don't wanna wrangle, you're not
very kindly, now