Daily Season

by Panther Ray

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released 21 December 2012

Joey Johnson - drums, trombone, percussion
Evan Kramer - vocals, guitar, bass, harmonium, drums
Daniel Ries - vocals, guitar, bass, organ, percussion
Andy Rockwood - vocals, bass, guitar, slide gutiar

Recorded between May 2011 & November 2012.
Mixed & engineered by Daniel Ries.

Cover art by Hannah Porter.

TSS #02



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Panther Ray St Paul, Minnesota

"Panther Ray are four multi-instrumentalists celebrating a polyamorous cacophony of junk psychedelia, youth-powered garage rock, exuberant pop weirdness and experimental studio wizardry."
-C. Tures

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Track Name: Green Lake
I'll make certain tonight
You'll be seeing the light
Things aren't quite what they seem
Stay and let yourself dream
Play with your new machine
Recount what you have seen

Here comes another sun
I think, I think I've had my fun
I'm waiting til I am awake
Cause I've been swallowed up by the green lake

And while I can't really say
It seems I don't have a clue
And I know trying's for fools
And I've got nothing to lose
While you sit you stare
Just try breating the air
Slow down, I don't care

Our time is pardoned and done
Wide awake, from now on I am high on the sun
It is clear, this feeling is going away
Now that I have learned to ignore the green lake
Track Name: Ought
I thought I understood
I thought some sense was made
Until I overheard
And I knew we'd been played

I never meant to hurt you with what I say
But you ought to know, what you did is a shame
What you did is a shame

Although one day you'll know
If it's what you intend
It won't change a thing
Of what will happen in the end

You made you decision your hand as been played
But you ought to know, what you did is a shame
what you did is a shame, what you did as shame

Maybe one day we will talk about it
Maybe then we will even laugh about it

But for now you know
I can't pretend
You can't overlook
The weakness in your plan
Track Name: Caterpillars
Caterpillars upon a blade of grass
Capture the eyes of all who pass by tonight
Holes left in the green leaves show us more
Than we had seen from the day before last morning

Onion eye lids
They call that crying here
There's such a magical veneer
But all I'm thinking of is you
Track Name: Bubbles
Drawing borders 'round my breath
No they're never cheating death
Not for long
They're blowing, just blowing in the wind
Without vision, without sin
Just moving around

They shine in rainbow colors in the light
and it's pleasant on the day when the sky is bright
to tilt your head right up into the sky
and watch the solar system rotate by

Drawing borders 'round my breath
No they're never cheating death
Not for long
Going, just going on a whim
Past the garden and garbage bins
They loop around

They ride on wind stream currents and just rise
On the backdrop silver contrails going by
And the surface with its tension just divides
Into a million tiny pieces in the sky
Track Name: Picture This
Picture this
A body of people who plant a kiss
And watch it grow
Taller than any old canopy
That anyone would ever know

Standing round
Looking out over this barren ground
Without a sound
Penniless laughter gets handed down
Round and round this little town

It's all coming down
We'll never be found
Living in a dream
Or floating down a stream
Just open the door
We've been here before
Digging up the grave
Don't forget to save
The joker the spade
We're making the grade
Running out of steam
When living in a dream

Was good enough
Makes it seem less like I care about
Looking out over my shoulder
And more as though
I know the things I think I know
Track Name: Bad Santana
Can you ever hold it from bursting at the seams
You ask a thousand people but they don't know what it means
All the time I thought we shared a sacred bond
I never would've guessed I'd be happy since you've gone

She will know but I don't understand
The complex nature of these well-laid plans
She will know but I will have to ask why

Are you spending time just looking in the mirror
Trying in vain to look past the things you fear
I didn't know you're hung up and so preoccupied
Now what do I got left, girl you wasted all my time
Track Name: Suddenly Realize
You ought to know, just what I've found
Just what I've seen, warm, soft, and round
It's alright
You know I can't explain
It's alright
You know I feel the same way

And if you ever close your eyes
and then suddenly realize
That things are not quite in their right place
They've broken down and faded away
It's alright
I know you feel the same way
It's alright

If it were up to you
How plain the things that we would do
It's true
Track Name: Beasters
We climb aboard with sandy feet
We run along the boards all creak
We try to sail, we sprung a leak
We patch it up and no one speaks

The hull, it is warm, we let it pass by
Maybe someday the sun will shine

We ride them all these ships of mine
We sail along on gilded tide
The world's our room, it's open wide
The waves were high we came inside

The hull, it is warm, we let it pass by
Maybe someday the sun will shine

On this sea, it awakens me
The ocean blue, the sky so deep
Where we go I don't know
What we want I don't know
Where we're from I don't know
Where we go I don't know

All this waste among the these tides
Take at face what we deny
Where we go I don't know
What we want I don't know
What we're from I don't know
Where we go I don't know